Ripper products

  • ripper bucket
  • Protector
  • 9J6586

Different kinds of ripper products are available, including non-genuine and custom made ripper buckets, ripper tooth, ripper shanks and shank protectors, which are applied to all makes and models of excavators loaders and dozers.

Ripper teeth

Sharp design in front, strong instantaneous wallop, greatly save working time and improve working efficiency.

Ripper Bucket:

  • Single tooth ripper

one of the most common, strong, durable, efficient, commonly used to loose rock.

  • Double tooth ripper

Its strength after the singer tooth, but scope of work is greater than the single tooth, commonly used to loose gravel or a hard soil.

  • Multiple tooth ripper

Larger the working range, high efficiency, but the resistance is larger and cutting force is small, commonly used for soft soil or loose sand.

Ripper products

Item Description
Product Ripper products
Application 0-100T Excavator
Type Singer Teeth Ripper, Double Tooth Ripper, Multi-Tooth Ripper, Ripper Teeth, Ripper Shank, Ripper Protector
Material Q345B, Q460,NM360/400,HARDOX450/500
Weight 60kg-2050kg
Colour Yellow or Customized
Delivery Time Within 7-25 days after order confirmed
Package Pallet or as per customer